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At BeOnline, we specialise in creating custom web solutions that deliver exceptional user experience, increased productivity and workflow, and better customer outcomes. No matter how unique or ambitious your idea, our digital experts can make it happen.



Process of Work


Share your vision

Give us a call, send an email, or fill out the online form. We will ask you a few basic questions about your business and your custom website requirements. You will then get a detailed fixed quote and estimated time of delivery. If you wish to proceed, you can sign off on the agreement and the magic will begin.



Our team will work closely with you to create a sketch that accurately represents your vision.
In clear, easy to follow language, we will explain to you exactly how the website and/or web application will look, what each feature does, and how the user will interact with it. You’ll have to chance to share your feedback and request as many changes as you like until you’re happy with the final concept.


We build

We build your website and/or web application. Kick back and relax. You don’t have to worry about a thing! Our designers and web programming experts will do all the hard work for you. Plus, they will keep you in the loop, so you can relax knowing the project will be delivered on time, on budget.


Upload to the server

Once the website and/or web application is built, you’ll be sent a preview build of the final product for approval.
If you wish to take advantage of our fast, secure, and reliable web hosting services, we’ll be happy to set you up and launch.


Testing and debugging

To make sure your website and/or web application is free of bugs, our expert team will use the latest web development testing tools. They will test every aspect of your website and/or web application such as performance, accessibility, usability security, and more. If any issues are found, they will be swiftly resolved prior to launch.


Post-launch support

Once your web application has launched, you will receive ongoing technical support to ensure you get the most out of your custom website. We also provide a range of digital marketing services to help promote your business such as SEO, copywriting, social media marketing, logos and branding, and graphic design.


Website vs Web Application?

Unlike websites, web applications are designed to interact with users. Web applications can be informative too, but they can also process information that they receive from users.

We can say that most of the websites combine the functions of a web application and a website.

 Different online banking systems, online flight booking services or hotel booking websites are all examples of web applications. So, there you can see information and even take actions based on the entered data.

If you need to make a choice between a web application and a website and if you are looking for a solution for your online business, it is important to understand this difference.


Website - an informational resource. 

Web App - an interactive resource.

Web Hybrid - a combination of information and interactivity.

If you need advice for your online solution, fill out the form and BeOnline team will contact you shortly!

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