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Remote IT support

Remote support is a connection via the Internet of a specialist to a personal computer, laptop, ultrabook, netbook, during which it is possible to solve a number of technical problems.


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Remote IT support via website form

from 25$ per 15 minutes*

  • For website requests only
  • The minimum tariff is 1 hour
  • The price includes GST
  • You submit a request and we contact you within 24 hours

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Dedicated IT support subscription

from 300$

  • Please contact us to get a quote for your monthly IT support subscription
  • All prices exclude GST


Remote maintenance of computers can be performed both on a one-time basis and on an ongoing basis, within the framework of an agreement concluded between an IT company and a user.

The remote technical support service allows companies to save money and ensure that the required set of works is carried out at an impeccably high professional level.

Modern technical possibilities of remote access are extremely high. A system administrator or a computer repairman, without wasting time on the road, can perform the following types of work:

  • Recover deleted data when it is possible
  • Run computer diagnostics
  • Install and configure the necessary programs, including Windows
  • Set up WiFi
  • Detect and remove viruses
  • Optimise the system
  • Set up a webcam, router, MFP, printer, scanner
  • Carry out preventive work
  • Install drivers and diagnose computer components
  • Email setup
  • Computer training
  • Smartphone and computer training


Remote IT support for small businesses in Auckland

In the age of digital transformation, IT infrastructure is no longer just a system that serves the business, but its integral part, the work and speed of which often determine the success of the company as a whole.

Ensuring the availability of services and the operability of software and hardware systems is an important and time-consuming task that requires experience, certified resources and material and technical base to carry out the necessary work.

The business is constantly evolving. It is necessary to maintain its continuity and competitiveness through a flexible approach to supporting the IT infrastructure.

BeOnline provides several solutions that cover the main needs of IT. Our technical support to ensure the operability of a remote office is a service designed and structured in such a way as to become a continuous extension of your IT team. No matter where or when you are, we provide the knowledge and experience you need to provide immediate and long-term assistance. We guarantee that your team will be supported by experts in all necessary solutions.

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