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Google Ads and Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising provides the consumer with information about a product or service, based on the requests for which a search is carried out on the network. At the same time, the user's sphere of interest is very close or coincides with the subject of the advertised goods and services. This significantly increases the likelihood of an ad response and brings only targeted traffic.

Google Ads


Everyone has already heard about the concept of "Contextual Advertising", but the scope of its application still raises questions. Let's take a final look at how and when this type of ad can be used.

Contextual advertising is a type of online advertising in which an advertisement is displayed in accordance with the content of the request, the chosen audience, place, time, or another context of the pages.

It is difficult to overestimate the need for contextual advertising in today's reality. From 2019 to 2020, the number of online purchases increased by 41%, exactly the same as the number of requests. This means that in 2021-2022 this trend will only grow, which suggests that we need to focus on online.

Don't forget about competitors, who are most likely already getting their leads from online ads. It's time to show an ad with your advantages over a competitor's ad or by its brand keywords. After all, first of all, users compare options on the Internet before visiting an offline store, restaurant, sales department, dealership, or making a purchase online.

Contextual advertising is rapidly growing and transforming, which opens up new opportunities. The most popular advertising platform is Google Ads.


At the moment, Google Ads offers the following types of online advertising for launch:


Search advertising.

Ads in Google search results. Shows for the hottest requests of your potential buyers. As a rule, it is ahead of organics in the search results. Issued for the specified keywords.




Google Display Ads.

Allows you to reach potential customers with targeted display ads when they browse their favorite sites or YouTube videos, check Gmail, or use mobile sites and apps.





Universal campaigns for mobile apps.

Allows you to promote apps in Search, Google Play, Gmail, YouTube, and other apps and mobile sites on the Display Network.






Video advertising.

Enables you to reach a large audience of YouTube and Google video partner sites by showing your ads to users.





Trading campaigns. They are based on Shopping ads that appear in Google Search and Shopping.

These ads are similar to classic text ads for contextual advertising, with the difference that they contain a product photo, name, current price and store URL.




Each of these types is suitable for specific purposes and works effectively to solve certain business problems.



So why do you need contextual advertising?


Choosing a niche.

Not sure if the product / service will enter the market? A small test on a minimum budget will help you understand the demand and help you make a decision.

The speed of entry.

Advertising campaigns start working from the moment they are launched. Already on the first day after the start, you can get the first leads, of course, if everything is configured correctly.


Your ads will be seen only by those users who are really looking for a product / service, which means they are interested in purchasing.


List unique offers in your ads that differentiate you from your closest competitors. Show yourself by their brand keys. Entice your audience.


After the first month of work, it is clear which keys or audiences gave the result. You have the opportunity, already from the second month, to improve the results and so on from month to month.

Budget control.

You yourself set an acceptable daily budget for this or that product / service. Also, you have the opportunity to set the price that you are willing to pay for a lead.


If you draw up a plan and follow it, at the same time promptly reacting to any changes, you can achieve a consistently positive result in a calm mode.


Today, it is difficult to imagine a business that does not exist on the Internet. Context helps at almost all stages of business development. Starting from the popularization of the brand, ending with entering new sales markets.

When I need Google Ads?

Contextual advertising (Google Ads) is very versatile and suitable in many situations, but especially in such as:

  • Release of a new product / service. When you are only at the launch stage and a limited number of users know your product or service, therefore, you need to communicate this offer to as many potential consumers as possible.
  • Range renewal. If you increase the assortment of new products or services, then you can easily tell your users about it by creating specific ads in which these moments can be highlighted.
  • Promotion launch. Advertising with special offers (discounts, gifts, seasonal promotions) usually has a higher CTR than standard ones, since it attracts attention with a specific benefit. Google Ads is the fastest way to advertise a new promotion.
  • Branding (increase brand awareness). In this case, themed contextual ads in the Display Network will come in handy, to which you can add bright images. Thus, the visual design of your advertising will be remembered by potential customers faster and will be associated with you.
  • Precise targeting. Run ads on specific users (gender, age, place of residence, children, interest in a particular product / service).

Thus, it is difficult to overestimate the need for contextual advertising. At BeOnline Ltd, we know exactly how to use contextual advertising to benefit your business. After all, if in the 21st century you are not on the Internet, you are almost nowhere!

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