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From consultation and design through to QA testing, launching, and post-launch updates, Be Online makes it easy to bring your vision to life. We create mobile applications that are visually stunning, easy to use, and compatible with both iOS and Android app design.

Professional Mobile Application Development

Process of Work


Research your idea

Do you have a great idea for a mobile app? Let us know, and we can assess its commercial viability and technical requirements to make it happen.

To assess the commercial viability of your app, we carry out independent research into the factors that will determine the success of your idea – such as your industry, business goals, target audience, competition, and more.

By defining the purpose of your app, the key features, and the unique selling proposition that will set it apart from the rest – you will have a rock-solid plan that will help you achieve the best possible outcome for your project.

If you already have a Terms of Reference (ToR) document, sharing this will greatly speed up the research process and save you money. Of course, we will gladly sign your confidentiality clause to ensure that your sensitive business data is kept private and secure.

Once the research has been completed, you will know exactly:

·         What the basic functions of the app will be.

·         What platforms the app will be compatible with (iOS, Android, or cross-platform).

·         How the project will be managed and delivered to you (either a Cascade or Waterfall development cycle).


Planning and evaluation

Once it has been established that your app idea has commercial viability, the project scope will be created.

There are two ways we can evaluate the scope of your project: with either an express assessment or a detailed assessment.

An express assessment gives you an approximate idea of labour cost and can usually be carried out within a few hours to a single day. A detailed assessment gives you a better idea as to how, when, and what kind of application you will receive.

Regardless of the method you choose, at any time during the evaluation stage you are welcome to invite a business analyst. This way, both you (the client) and the development team can work together to establish a clear vision while making sure the budget and deadline is realistic.

Even if the scope of your project does change during the course of development – i.e. add or remove features, comply with new technological requirements – we can re-evaluate and shift the release date and still develop the app in line with your exact requirements.



Not every project needs to have analytics as part of their development cycle. But those that do are more likely to maximise the potential of their app.

How so? By using mobile analytics to measure and analyse the data of users, you gain valuable insight into the way people interact with your app, how well the app performs on different platforms and devices, and you also identify areas where the quality of life improvements can be made.

For example, if you run a large supermarket chain, you may want an app that makes it easier for customers to buy the products they need. With analytics, you can implement an AI-based program that recommends products to customers based on their preferences and purchase history.

This is just one of many ways analytics can help you discover new business opportunities and gain an advantage over the competition.

As a result, you will end up with:

·         The technical requirements to perform both functional and non-functional tasks on the app.

·         GUI framework – wireframes

·         Project plan

·         Detailed budget and deadline


4. Applications

Whether you already have an app design concept, or you need one custom made from scratch, our expert team will follow your vision from concept to completion – including the graphical interface, wiring frames, graphic elements, and visual design.

From there, you will be shown either a static or interactive prototype of the app. During this demonstration, you will be shown what the app looks like, how each feature works, and how. After the demonstration, you are encouraged to share your thoughts and feedback so that you receive the best possible application.

As a result, you will end up with a:

·         Screen map

·         Application design

·         Attractive UI and convenient UX



Once you approve the prototype, the building will begin. The development team will write the code, design the behaviour of the app, and connect the application logic to the server-side – if one is provided. Also, the team will embody the finished design into the code, and prescribe all the styles and UI elements the user will interact with.

For native development, the team uses:

·         Android: Java and Kotlin

·         iOS: Objective-C and Swift

And, for cross-platform solutions, the team uses React Native and Native Script.

At each stage of development, the designer will work closely with the developers to ensure that the style and design is faithful to the original concept – i.e. choice of colours, aspect ratio, rounded corners, and more.

After this process, you will have:

·         A working version of the application that is ready for testing

·         The opportunity to request minor design adjustments.


Testing and Bug Fixing

All testing and bug fixing is outsourced to the trusted hands of testing engineers.

With over 16 years of experience in full-cycle development for high-profile clients, you are guaranteed a cost-effective solution and the highest level of quality assurance.

In the lead up to the app’s release, the team will perform a range of tests – i.e. testing key functions, bug reporting and fixing, and acceptance testing – to ensure that the final product will exceed your expectations.


Release Date

Once the app has been unanimously approved by the whole team, it will be uploaded to the appropriate app store for approval.

With years of experience in launching products on both Google Play and the iOS store, we ensure the approval process will be swift and your product will meet your specified release date.

If desired, you can submit the app on your own behalf, and request any help along the way to ensure the approval is stress-free.


Post-Launch Support

If any bugs are found within the first 30 days of launch, the team will fix them free of charge.

Afterward, you can either:

·         Enter a maintenance contract, or

·         Start a new development phase that takes into account the new variables.


Mobile App Design Made Easy

Global Consumer Spending in Mobile Apps Reached a Record $111 Billion in 2020, Up 30% from 2019


Lucrative? Yes. Fiercely competitive? Absolutely. So, if you’re serious about developing a mobile app – be it a game, utility, social, search, training, or shopping app – then you need to understand your market, target audience, and competition. With a focused strategy, your app is more likely to engage customers and achieve your business goals.


Fortunately, that’s where BeOnline can help. From research and development to testing, launching, and post-launch support, our responsive mobile app design team has everything you need to bring your idea to life.

Here’s how we do it.

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