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Facebook pages - creation, promotion, and targeted advertising in New Zealand. We offer effective Facebook promotion aimed at business development and expansion on the social network. We use the most current trends and technologies in our work.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

Increasing awareness

Brand promotion on Facebook is one of the most important tools for bringing a business into the information field of a modern Internet user. When the name of the company is "heard", it increases its popularity already on a subconscious level.

Attracting targeted traffic to your website

When promoting on Facebook, the key focus is on content that motivates the target audience to go to the selling page of your website or online store. The user receives advertising information in a convenient environment (within the social network) and is more inclined to go to the promoted website.

Selling on a social network

The marketing and technical capabilities of Facebook allow you to sell a product or service directly on the social network. For this, order forms or special widgets are used.

Image enhancement

Social network users understand that the company cares about its reputation and is "in trend", which increases the level of trust in it.

A new level of communication with customers

Successful promotion on Facebook is largely based on maintaining a dialogue with real and potential customers. You get a functional platform for answering questions and timely informing customers about all events and changes taking place in the company.

Growth of site positions in search engines

The promotion of a page on Facebook has a positive effect on the results of your site on Google.

Key Facebook Promotion Tools


One of the key methods of promoting on Facebook is targeted ads. Targeted ads are shown to the user in their news feed and on the right side of the site.

The target audience to which advertisements will be shown is selected according to many parameters:

  • Geography (up to zip code)
  • Demographic data
  • Specific interests, including personal and professional
  • Behavioral criteria
  • Links (coverage of users who are in thematic communities or "like" a certain page)
  • Targeted ads can have headlines, text descriptions, images, videos, and call-to-action buttons.




Promotion on Facebook includes not only official advertising tools (targeting and retargeting), but also an unofficial opportunity - placing advertising posts (messages) on popular thematic Facebook communities. Such a marketing tool will “warm-up” the interest of your target audience and expand the circle of potential and real customers. Posting in communities takes place on a paid basis by agreement with their owners.




When promoting on Facebook, this tool is actively used to influence those users who are already familiar with your company, website or products. Retargeting will return a "warm" audience to your site and create an incentive to take the targeted action - checkout, subscribe to news, call the office.




How to get cheap clicks?

To pay less for clicks, your ads must be winning Facebook auctions not because of a high bid, but because of the high relevance of the ad. The relevance of an ad in Facebook Ads is a comprehensive assessment that takes into account the quality of the ad and the likelihood of a particular user clicking on the ad. The ad platform gives an edge to higher quality ads, even with lower CPC or impressions.

Optimising Facebook Ads Targeting People will often click on ads that match their interests. To achieve the most accurate match, we recommend that you avoid wide coverage. Better to use split testing to find the exact audience that actively responds to your ads. Use time targeting. If the target audience is inactive at certain times of the day, for example, students in the afternoon or businessmen in the evening, then displaying ads during these hours is useless. Leverage the power of Facebook and test Lookalike Audience. The social network has huge statistics on the real behaviour of its users, so the system can find for your ad an audience that is similar in interest, which you yourself would not have identified.

At BeOnline Ltd, we take the time to understand your business needs and provide a custom Facebook Ads strategy that meets your exact requirements. 


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