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Process of Work


Analytical work

In particular, the development of naming requires a thorough analysis of the market as a whole, the company or brand, as well as the target audience for which the brand, product, or service is being created.


Development of unique variants of the name

In this case, it is necessary to come up with several possible names, from which the most suitable name will be chosen in the future. Here, an initial check for legal purity is carried out (does the brand violate the rights of trademark owners registered earlier)



Analysis and rejection of options that are not suitable for certain criteria (verbally unattractive, phonetically incongruous, etc.)


Agreeing on the best name

Agreeing on the best name with the client. The process ends with a mandatory check of the name in the database of trademarks according to the corresponding classes of the IPONZ






What is naming and how is a brand name (trademark, company, service, product) developed?


Naming itself is the process of developing a name for a particular company, product, service. It plays an important role in the entire marketing strategy because it is around the name of the product or service that the entire further advertising campaign will be built around. Therefore, a copywriter needs not only to come up with a big name in itself but also to explain how it can be used in the future when promoting a brand.

The development of the name of a company, product, service is not carried out simply from the head. This process involves several steps that will allow you to choose a unique, sonorous, and attractive brand name.

The naming of a company, product, service is a rather lengthy process that requires a serious and professional approach to work. Specialists can use various methods when developing a brand name, so this is why we will analyse them in more detail below.


How is the name of a company or product created?

The development of the name of an object can take place using a variety of methods. In their work, professional naming companies use each of them and only, in the end, choose a few of the most suitable names. In particular, the name of a brand or company can be developed by the following methods:

>> Associative

In this case, the copywriter chooses the name that will best associate with the object.

>> Reference

The brand name can be tailored to match the name of a similar product from a leading company in the market.

>> Abbreviated

Often, experts stop at using abbreviations that include letters, numbers (or all together), as well as a combination of the roots of several words.

>> Using neologisms

In this case, the task of the copywriter is to select neologisms associated with the product.

>> Personally-preferential

Examples of such naming will be such names as "Smiths", "Browns and Partners", "Dodson Autospares", etc.

>> Personal and associative.

In this case, the selection is also based on the principle of selection of neologisms, for example, the names: "Sausager", "Brewers", etc.

>> Domain

In this case, the name of the trademark can be directly the web address of the company of the naming object.

>> Nominal

Provides for the use of first name, patronymic, surname.

>> The method of superiority

Here copywriters use additional prefixes to the names, like "Super", "Mega", etc.

>> Appeal

In this case, the appeal is applied directly to the emotions of the target audience.

>> Rhyming

The title uses two words rhyming with each other.

>> Truncation

Use of truncated words in naming.



In addition to the all methods we explained above, the copywriter must also be guided by several important rules. In particular, good naming must be:


✔ Euphonious

✔ Memorable

✔ Filled with meaning

✔ Associative (with no negative)


When these four conditions are met, the name of the company or brand will be truly attractive to the customer.

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