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If a brand is a holistic view of what your business is, then a logo is the physical embodiment of that view. A logo (from logo - "word") is a unique identifying mark that instantly speaks of who you are and what you do, and also helps to stand out and be remembered. If you need a professional logo, feel free to contact us! 

Logo Design in New Zealand

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Logo Design & Logo Redesign

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  • 3xLogo package - 3 different handcrafted images + 3 edits for your selected design for $349 exc. GST
  • 5xLogo package - 5 different handcrafted images + 5 edits for your selected design for $499 exc. GST
  • Logo guide S size (includes 3Logo package) for $449 exc. GST
  • Logo guide S size (includes 5Logo package) for $579 exc. GST
  • Rebrand your logo - hourly rate $55/h exc. GST (min. 3 hours, depends on the number of edits)
  • * All prices exclude GST



A good, visually meaningful logo (logo, corporate emblem) is always filled with meanings and codes - signs, images, and symbols that can be told about. You can also design a logo based on fonts. Such solutions often look quite austere, but they also have character and temperament - a logo design using only a font solution can successfully tell about the status of a brand, its reliability, universality, openness, etc.

You can order a logo design that wilfully and completely embodies your brand at BeOnline (Auckland).



The development of a corporate logo design is a complex creative process in which different specialists can participate: a graphic designer, a 3D designer, a web designer, an illustrator, a calligrapher, a photographer, an animator, and even a design engineer. The professional skills of each of these specialists may be required to develop a logo design that clearly and clearly imprints brand positioning - its concept and values, idea, and purpose.



Many customers are interested in how much a logo design costs, the cost of its production. What, if we talk about logo design, consists of the price of its development? First, it depends on whether the creation of a logo design is part of a comprehensive service (logos, packaging design, online communications), whether an order for the development of a corporate identity, brand book, etc. is included in the logo design.

In addition, when developing a design, a logo layout, at BeOnline we imagine in advance how it will look not only on the packaging or on the Internet but also on large-scale volumetric physical media - as part of an entrance group, on a roof structure or in an office space. Our designers pay close attention to the scalability of the logo and carefully consider what materials in this case can be used for its production. Logo design is an integral part of holistic branding. Therefore, it is better to order a logo right away together with the design of the media on which it will appear.



Logo, brand book, packaging, website - if you create these projects separately, it will stretch in time and require more labour, and therefore funds to pay for them. But if you make them together, you get significant savings. All of this adds up to the overall price, including the logo design. Auckland today spends a lot of money on improving its image and spares no expense to look like a trendy city in the eyes of the whole world. The same goes for logos. The logo, trademark, brand name is your face. The face of your business, your company, your brand - unique and unrepeatable, who knows his own worth.

Therefore, it is better to invest in large-scale comprehensive work and entrust it to professional designers with extensive experience in developing logos for a variety of brands. We are ready to create a logo design for you, which will embody a bright and expressive image of your brand in all details and which will serve as an effective tool for promoting your business.


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How Much Does a Website Cost?

That depends on a few key factors:

  • Whether you need a simple website based on a template or a custom, feature-rich website
  • The type of business you run (i.e. small business, large corporation, or online store). This will determine the number of features and plugins you need to be built into the site’s architecture.
  • Your choice of domain name and web hosting provider
  • Whether you need extra marketing services like copywriting, SEO, branding and logo design, and a social media strategy.

All of these determine how much it will cost to create your WordPress based or custom designed website.

At BeOnline Ltd, we take the time to understand your business needs and provide a custom solution that meets your exact requirements. This means, you only pay for what you ask for, not what we think you need.


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